Opisyal na Tambayan ni Jona T. Lagnason

DayUn sa GaMay'Ng PaYAg!


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"Dayun sa gamay'ng payag" means : Welcome to the small hut. Thanks for dropping

by! Hope it's not just a drop by. I hope you will get inside..

 This site made through exploration and since it is a personal website, expect that most of the things here are about me. Just feel free to explore and you'll get to know me. ME and nobody, nobody but ME... (it may sound self-centered, but it doesn't matter, the site is mine...)

You may think i am studying computer-related courses, well, I'm not... I'm just a trying hard computer geek with nothing to do so this site is a sort of past time.  Well, get to know me by clicking these tabs:




Home - This is what you are reading now... Looks like the overview of the site. 

Guestbook - since I am a Filipina, hospitality runs through my viens. If you feel like you are a guest, feel free to add comments. I'll be taking time to read them and of course I'll do reply.

About Me - that is where the self-centeredness is confirmed. Hahahahaha! as the title goes... all of those things are about me.

Snapshots - to verify that I'm real and not using somebody else's pictures. These pictures will tell you how I live and spend my life specifically my college days.

Members - if you want to become a member and log in to my site. Feel free to sign up for membership. Don't worry guys, there is no membership fee. And frankly, I am not earning from this..

Blog - most of the time, things that are posted there ate for my lessons. It contains links and anything under the direction of the teacher.. . It is definitely useful for my classmates who are lazy to surf the net and make assignments.. Links are already provided guys! it also contains some of the poems i have written. Most of my written poems are based on true-to-life experiences. Hmmm.. Though you can't relate, feel free to leave a comment.

Check Events - well, i know you are not interested of the events of my life. I made that for myself and not for anybody else.. Lol... hahahahahah

 Thanks for taking some time to read..

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fEeL fREe 2 xPloRe!

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       F R I E N D S

fEeL fREe 2 xPloRe!

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